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Letters to the Editor
Such big decisions should be overseenNo politician should be allowed to make decisions involving the entire nation without oversight.President Barack Obama is not capable of making decisions of this magnitude without the help of his advisers.  
Fixing potholes is a public safety issueOut of serious concern for the safety of the driving public in Oakland, I discussed with a Council District 2 staff member the pothole problems generally and, specifically, the extremely dangerous potholes along the entire 200 block of Wayne Avenue just off  
Cartoon strip should be dumped by paperAfter reading many of Bruce Tinsley's "Mallard Fillmore" cartoons, I don't understand why he is still in this newspaper.  
All students' well-being must be consideredSenate Bill 277, to be voted on in the Education Committee on Wednesday, eliminates the personal belief exemption in waiving immunization requirements for school entry, allowing only medical exemptions.  
Change is essential to prevent raids Here is the bottom line of Florida Gov. Rick Scott's pitch to California businesses urging them to relocate to his state: Were it not for California's high taxes, high prices, massive debt load and unfunded liabilities that are crushing California's economy,  
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