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Letters to the Editor
Fleeing children may have refugee statusWe should help determine legitimate need and claims. If they are fleeing for their lives and safety, legally they have claims as refugees.  
Bad message sent to existing businessesThe community advocates at South Hayward Parish are the founders of a new homeless shelter in downtown Hayward. Having done this before, one would think they would know that a city permit was required, especially in light of the fact they have a planning  
Area deserves much better leadershipThe July 22 guest commentary, "Perfectly good solution for both the Raiders and the A's," outlines a wise and efficient solution for improving the football Coliseum and building a baseball stadium.  
Opinion page no place for some opinionsI am tiring of rants that are regularly submitted as "letters." Most recent was a screed from Mark Marcotte (July 10), in which he presents his biases and personal misinformation as "a fact.  
The death penalty is justice, not revengeYes, Byron Williams, unfortunately, the times are changing for California's death penalty (Other Views, "The times are changing for California's death penalty," July 20).  
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