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Letters to the Editor
Medical skeptic says follow the money In the July 23 banner article, "Latinos have edge in whooping cough war," writer Tracy Seipel notes that college-educated white people have a lower rate of compliance with childhood vaccination recommendations than Latinos or Asians.  
Punish those hiring illicit immigrantsI really don't understand all of the fuss about our border with Mexico in regard to noncitizens. All we need to do is enforce the laws that are on the books regarding hiring illegal aliens.  
Make an effort to know what you're attackingSome overly emotional discussions on water wasting, mandatory cutbacks, $500 fines, etc., are popping up more and more, all the time missing a not-so-moot point -- many of us in older homes (mine's 1948) have water wells.  
Immunizations can make a differenceA July 23 article reported that among Latino babies less than a year old, whooping cough cases are soaring. As a public health student, the discrepancies between mortality rates in different ethnic groups is of great concern to me, especially when the disease can  
Fleeing children may have refugee statusWe should help determine legitimate need and claims. If they are fleeing for their lives and safety, legally they have claims as refugees.  
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