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Letters to the Editor
Gun control needed to stop the violenceI endorse gun control. The shooting rampage that killed nine innocent young students at the community college in Oregon has forced my views about an assault weapons ban.  
Professors guilty of selective criticismTwo professors at Stanford were included with the 130 professors who wrote a critical open letter on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to the Bay Area and his record.  
Up to the people to stop the bloodshedYet another senseless act of gun violence. The death of a 27-year-old man who was doing nothing more than painting a mural to help brighten up a west Oakland neighborhood is ridiculous.  
All children killed by guns worth our griefWhat is the minimum number of kids shot at one time to make us care about them, America?Maybe those lamenting another tragic school shooting could take a minute or two to decry the decades of shootings by gangs and drug dealers that have killed off our  
Doing all we can do to stop algae in lakeThis is regarding the Sept. 24 letter "EBRPD should not give up on Lake Temescal." Our district has made the health of Lake Temescal a priority since toxic blue-green algae was first detected in 2014.  
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