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Letters to the Editor
Oakland should step up its bicycle safetyThe San Francisco Bay Area is known to be one of the most bikeable and pedestrian-friendly regions in the U.S.  
Chicken hawks profit on wars; others just hurtWe are told we must reinvigorate the Middle East wars. When a plea, demand or justification for war is made, I ask three questions: 1) Who profits?  
No one is wrong on use of athletic fieldInternational High School soccer vs. Oakland Tech baseball. Who is wrong? The answer is nobody. You can't blame kids for wanting to play soccer and not to travel 10 blocks to practice.  
Beane's trades were responsible for slideI want to express my disappointment and frustration with the trades that Billy Beane made during this baseball season.  
Sadly, NFL has never been safe for anybodyI was appalled, but sadly unsurprised, by the NFL's recent mishandling of domestic violence cases. From the league's concealment to the initial negligible punishment to the eventual indefinite suspension, every play they've made has led us further from the  
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