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Letters to the Editor
The 'ice bucket challenge' is a waste of waterSo the new trend now is to fill a bucket of water and ice, and dump it over your or someone else's head -- it's called the "ice bucket challenge.  
A disaster without DMC presenceThe Napa earthquake sent more than 200 people to hospitals.What if that quake had hit at 3 p.m. on a weekday in the area Doctors Medical Center serves -- Crockett to El Cerrito?  
Big lie about Israel is repeated againCurtis V. Manning's evocation of the Warsaw ghetto to describe the current situation in Gaza is yet another example of the outrageous Goebelsian tactic being employed by the extreme left in Berkeley to attempt to confuse Americans about what is really happening.  
Justice Department has poor track recordThe criminal section of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, handling the investigation of the Ferguson, Missouri case, doesn't have a stellar record and shouldn't be involved.  
Emergency that led to Measure Z is long goneSan Leandro voters passed Measure Z in 2010 as a temporary emergency tax increase to help the city close a budget shortfall caused by the Great Recession that would sunset in seven years when they expected the economy to recover.  
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