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Letters to the Editor
She did it right; no reason for outrageYes, according to laws, rules and policies of the State Department at that time. Neither she nor her predecessors -- Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell, who also used private email -- broke any laws and were not criminally liable.  
Response to Clinton reinforces behaviorHillary Clinton's conduct wouldn't be acceptable at any level in the military or a corporation.Most people would never accept such conduct if they knew the person personally, but at least 48 percent of the country currently would hold their nose and vote for  
Commentary roared, but offered no fixesThe recent commentary arguing that educators and schools should opt out of the Common Core curriculum and seemingly any form of standardized testing misses the point, and offers no real solutions for disadvantaged students and families.  
Lion hunter's claim deserves audacity prizeMr. Jeff Stanley, the Great White Hunter, has unwittingly provided a simple solution for ending the world's hunger problem while justifying the killing of Cecil the lion (Aug.  
Dangerous police chase irresponsibleOn Aug. 20, I watched a police car in a high-speed chase speed through a crowded shopping district on Lakeshore Avenue in Oakland at 6 p.  
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