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Letters to the Editor
Should report fully on health care riftThus far, coverage of the Blue Shield-Sutter Health brouhaha has neglected a crucial point. Yes, in the event that a settlement isn't reached, Blue Shield subscribers with PPO or Preferred Provider policies would be able to continue receiving care from Sutter  
Letter's call for huge donation unrealisticRegarding "Masonic Hall should donate the property," letters, Jan. 23:I wonder if there is any person in Union City who would donate a $10 million piece of land and receive nothing in return?  
Oscars coverage was little more than racist drivelI am absolutely appalled and disgusted with David Early's front-page article ("And the Oscar for best Caucasian goes to .  
Disruption of travel should be a felonyApparently chaining yourself to a BART train or shutting down the San Mateo Bridge are merely misdemeanor offenses.  
Disgusting effort is what killed Prop. 45I was born in Kaiser Oakland Hospital and have been a member of Kaiser for many decades. My experience has been a good one for the most part; I'm still here.  
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