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Letters to the Editor
Must wake up, build desalination plantsSure, we have a water shortage in California. Saving resources and not being wasteful is always a good idea, with any resource.  
Treaty deal the only workable alternativeI think Congress should approve the arms treaty with Iran. The only alternative to the treaty would be an un-winnable war.  
Shouldn't politicize fire safety measuresI'm writing in response to recent letters regarding the partnership grant with FEMA for vegetation management in the Oakland and Berkeley Hills.  
Let's put some teeth in our fireworks lawsThere was a time when the Fourth of July was an enjoyable holiday. We now dread its approach because of the torment inflicted on our loving 12-year-old dog, Annie.  
Revenge is not purview of the governmentI thank the paper for the editorial against the death penalty ("No cocktail is needed, outlaw death penalty," July 10).  
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