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Letters to the Editor
Exploiting wildlife and the wild landsThe June 20 article "Pushed to extinction" discusses the global issue of the human-caused mass extinction now occurring, and illustrates why citizens become so upset at the prospect of losing thriving local wildlife habitat to development.  
Not the high-speed rail plan that we voted forNo. Cap and trade money motorists pay on motor fuel should go for highway maintenance and improvements, not for the politicians' ill-planned and roundabout high speed rail.  
Need editorial on Medi-Cal systemA recent article reported on the new state budget, which will expand Medi-Cal benefits to illegal immigrant children. Later, in the same issue, there is an article on a recent state audit that severely criticizes the Medi-Cal system for having insufficient doctors  
No-brainer, city must keep WarriorsI am not a basketball fan, and even I can tell that basketball is Oakland's sport. Did you see the Warriors celebration in Oakland in front of Lake Merritt, with the mass of people and beautiful views of the city?  
Earned Income Tax Credit helps familiesAs Oakland's largest volunteer income tax assistance program, our volunteers work each tax season to provide free tax preparation and ensure East Bay working families are claiming the tax credits and refunds they are eligible for, such as the federal Earned  
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