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Letters to the Editor
It's time for Oakland to kiss Raiders goodbyeSo, now the Oakland Raiders, after bilking taxpayers for $200 million and having the nerve to demand $400 million more, have signed on the powerhouse CEO of Walt Disney Co.  
Immigrants to the U.S. need job opportunitiesA friend of mine sent me a picture of a Native American telling a Pilgrim that current immigration policy would not allow the Pilgrims to come to America.  
Irony in extremists calling us crusadersI've been trying to make sense of the terrorist attacks in Paris and elsewhere. The Islamic militants can't seriously think that Europe, Russia and the Americas will give in and become good Muslims as a result of the violence against us.  
Don't commit funds to keep the RaidersThanks to the author of the Nov. 17 letter, "It's very good way to be a one-term mayor," for writing the letter I wish I'd written -- warning Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf that she will be a one-term mayor if she commits one of our tax dollars to keep the Raiders  
Should kill our 'war on drugs' industriesThe people are ready to legalize recreational marijuana.The question is whether our "war on drugs" industry proponents are ready.  
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