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Union City: Police search for at-risk elderly man

Police were searching Tuesday for an elderly Union City man suffering from dementia, hours after his family believed he had left to attend worship at a mosque.  
Oakland firm DR3 Recycling offers bounty for discarded beds and box springs to learn if cash will entice people to bring them in for recycling.  
Northern and Central California nurses overwhelmingly approved a contract that gives them a 14 percent raise over three years.  
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Elsewhere: San Leandro appeals attorney fees award.  
The neighboring cities' joint dispatch services began late Tuesday with an overnight shift at the Fremont Police Department.  
Southern Alameda County carpool lanes will be converted to toll express lanes, which permit solo drivers who pay  
While Oakland officials decide the fate of its development partner working to finance a new home for the Raiders, Alameda County leaders met Tuesday with a competing outfit that has much grander ambitions.  
Elsewhere: Fremont, Newark applicants vie for school board appointments  
Dave Ellison will read from his book, "Bloodletting: Why Education Reform is Killing America's Schools," at 6:30 p.m. Thursday night at an Alameda County Office of Education board meeting.  
Kaiser Permanente's 2,600 psychologists, therapists and social workers to strike over what they say are long wait times for appointments and inadequate staffing.  
Women's purses: Readers divulge the craziest thing they're carrying around

We asked readers to tell us about the craziest thing they have stashed in the handbag. You think you're carting around something wild or funny? Read on. 
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Bruce Jenner is becoming a woman, will document process with reality TV show

The Olympic gold medal winner and “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star will document his transformation on a new reality show, reports say.